about me. 

I am is currently a journalism student at the University of Missouri, Columbia but a native to Kansas City, Kansas. 

So why journalism? The more I contemplated my career in my younger years, I realized I could turn two skills of mine into a job. What skills were that? Listening and observing. Journalism depends on storytellers observing the world around them and listening to people recount their experiences so that others can live throughout those words and emotions.

As a first-generation Mexican-American raised in the Midwest, I quickly learned that my identity could help share stories that are unheard of. Kansas City is rich in stories of culture, perseverance and community. I am here to listen to them, stick around to capture them, and to share them with the world.

My focus is primarily editorial work but my skills in storytelling through a journalist lens have equipped me to create strong content for personal or business brands. Along with assignments for news outlets, I am also available for video and photography promotional services for commercial work. 

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Phone: 913-251-5570

Email: savc59@mail.missouri.edu

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