Dining with Dotty

Dotty Manns has retired and said goodbye to Dotty’s Cafe twice in the past 20 years, but the love for her community and restaurant is what keeps her coming back over and over again.

“I love every single person that comes in the store,” Manns said. “They've made my life really full.”

Manns is a cherished figure in Hartsburg for bringing more to the plate than just food. With her cheerful presence and the home-like feel of her restaurant, she brings comfort, family and community together all in one place.

Due to aging and health issues, Manns knows it's time to let go of her restaurant but with the low probability of the next generation of her family members taking over Dotty's Cafe, it's only a matter of time before Dotty finally says goodbye permanently. 

Words and Photos by Sarai Vega

Video by David Kunz and Sarai Vega

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